Sunday, July 26, 2015

Clone Drones Goodreads Giveaway -

Hi Everyone!  Just a word to let you know about our current giveaway on Goodreads. Two signed paperback copies of The O'Rourke Series Book 3 will be given away in the drawing that ends September 5, 2015. No strings attached.

This hi-tech novel has assassinations, kidnapping, murder, romance and even some humor. Reader's Favorite Review called it a "...high octane thriller..."

Here's a little clip to set the mood.

Excerpt from Clone Drones – "....A few minutes later, as he thought about tomorrow’s busy schedule, he noticed the smoke begin to ripple from below the balcony rail.
Soon the smoke cleared away with a whisper of sound as a small black box with rotors on top appeared hovering in front of him. The Senator stood rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Suddenly a small panel retracted on the front of the box and two muffled shots hit him in the chest. He looked down as blood began pouring out and soaking his shirt. Grabbing his chest he turned and stumbled toward the bedroom door. Another muffled shot from behind dropped him in his tracks.
On the other side of the balcony railing the flying black box retreated silently into the darkness...." 

So click on the link below or enter on our website at . That's all for later....Chris( RC)