Tuesday, June 14, 2016

IBS AUTHOR SERVICES - Meet Book Reviewer P.S.Winn

IBS AUTHOR SERVICES presents: ---- REVIEWER P.S.Winn. "...As a writer, I know how important reviews are. That's why I try to read and review, especially for new authors. I am as avid about reviewing as I am writing and have read over 650 books just this year on Goodreads, where I am usually listed in the top 100 reviewers. You can also find over 1700 reviews I have done on Amazon. Come on by and have a look or find me on Facebook and tell me about your book, I might want to read and review it for you!..." ...connect with P.S.Winn here: http://www.carternovels.com/ibs-author-services.html If you provide services for indie authors, this is where you'll want to be. With this affordable promotion you'll get your own web page with direct sales links, a main page listing and a service page listing that are linked to your page, a spot on the banner and consistent social media promotion. (It's free to look) SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ------ Learn more about our promotions here: http://www.carternovels.com/indie-author-promotions.html