Friday, February 24, 2017


NEW BOOK at INDIE BOOK SOURCE ---BLOOD MOONS by Author Alianne Donnelly -- Link: Genre: ​Paranormal Romance/SciFi Romance/Shape-Shifter Romance​ "......Heroes are born of seemingly ordinary people whose only choice is to be brave. Some secrets ruin lives. Others save them. ​They say no good deed ever goes unpunished, a sentiment Dara understands fully now that she is paying for a crime she didn’t commit. It was stupid to call in a murder she didn’t really see. But how could Dara have kept silent? Now a stunning—scratch that, a dangerous—man with a frightening secret of his own is telling her he can help. Yeah, right. A telepath knows better than to trust mere words...." more & connect with the author at INDIE BOOK SOURCE: . . .#paranormal #Romance #SciFi #indieauthor #shapeshifter . For information on INDIE BOOK SOURCE Promotions visit: . --- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ---