Thursday, November 15, 2018


IN THE SPOTLIGHT at INDIE BOOK SOURCE THE EXORCISM OF FROSTY THE SNOWMAN Genre: Humor / Fantasy There is a war raging unseen for the souls of children. In the frozen north, children link hands in a ritual circle and sing a song they never learned to summon a primordial enemy they never knew existed. The only man who knows the truth, an Inquisitorial agent called Hunter, must track the creature through the vastness of the tundra, through the dangers of the Christmas Forest, to the gates of the citadel of the Red Saint himself. He's just a fairytale, they say. They are wrong.... . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Jonathan Shuerger


NEW BOOK at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- LIVING HOPE STEPS TO LEAVING SUFFERING BEHIND Genre: Non-Fiction / Mind-Body Medicine / Holistic A short but powerful true story of loss, starting with a house fire that killed Lynne Cockrum-Murphy’s sisters and father and left her badly burned when she was just 30 months old, and follows her life from that tragedy forward. Instead of surrendering to a family history of dysfunction she writes about dealing with loss, abuse, family alcoholism and shows that there is a way to move beyond the events of the past. Interwoven in the story are actions, steps, tools and even a reading and movie list to help you move forward into a spiritual life filled with meaning and purpose. Her story and the insights model hope, action and success. . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Lynne Cockrum-Murphy




EVENT ALERT / NEW RELEASE FEAR OF DREAMING AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER and #1 NEW RELEASE Orphaned seventeen-year old Miro has found his life's purpose as a mixed martial artist. His world revolves around his dreams of becoming an MMA world champion one day. To succeed, he trains day and night,pushing his body to the limits while scraping to get by on a meager income. Just a few months away from the biggest fight of his career, he now must face the single toughest opponent anyone has ever met inside a cage - an opponent that has turned his ambitious dreams to recurring nightmares. Looming large before him is the question of his origin. Miro knows next to nothing about the circumstances of his birth. What happened to his mother after he was born? Whois his father? Can he track down clues long lost in the fog of history? The defining fight of his career dominates every second of his day, yet he finds himself increasingly obsessed and distracted from his training by a quest for the truth about himself. A truth that he must unearth before it destroys him. Who is he? Set in the year 2045,the tale is a blunt portrayal of a dystopian future that increasingly muddles reality with simulation and bots with humans. In this world, the question isn't whether one's dreams are worth dreaming. The question is, how does one cope when the day's dreams become nightly terrors? . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Ash Win

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


EVENT ALERT / BOOK RELEASE Available in Paperback or eBook Editions A SURVIVOR'S SURRENDER Genre: Healing / Self-Help Despite the severe childhood abuse he endured, Jackson Hanks is considered an accomplished man, a successful attorney and a highly respected civic leader. In A Survivor’s Surrender Jackson shares with you the lessons he learned from his highly traumatic childhood, in the hope that you may gain inspiration for your own healing journey. Such an intense journey requires vulnerability, which Jackson says required him to have “courage on steroids.” Jackson’s message to you is that vulnerability isn’t a weakness – it is a trait of courage and authenticity. His strongest desire is that as you read through the chapters of courage and determination, you discover how it is possible to mine important lessons from past experiences. Let Jackson’s remarkable life journey, his pearls of wisdom and his joy for life provide you with hope and encouragement for your own healing journey, wherever that takes you. . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Jackson Hanks

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


NEW AUTHOR at INDIE BOOK SOURCE Meet Sharon CassanoLochman Award-winning, #1 best-selling author Sharon CassanoLochman propels the senses, tweaks the emotions, and fosters the imagination of readers of all ages through her heart-pounding adventures and compassionate works of fiction. She writes for the young-at-heart and the spiritually minded. . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Denise Fitzgerald Cassino


IN THE SPOTLIGHT at INDIE BOOK SOURCE GARY'S GRAY WORLD Genre: Children's Gary feels that his dad doesn’t love him anymore because he spends more time at work than he does paying attention to Gary. Gary’s dad has to miss the annual father-son baseball game due to work at the office. Gary goes anyway and then is caught in a thunderstorm during the game. During the commotion he is left behind, alone in the dugout Gary’s dad gets an urgent call from his wife and rushes to the park thinking Gary is hurt. After the rain stops people come back to the park and see the most beautiful rainbow in the sky. Gary and his dad finish playing the baseball game together. . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Ryan Cunningham