Thursday, February 7, 2019


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EVENT ALERT / NEW RELEASE MIND CANDY by Author Felicia Pizzonia Genre: Self-Help / Entrepreneurship We complicate our lives, when all we really need is a little Mind Candy. Felicia Pizzonia has cracked the code to program your subconscious mind to achieve success; the Mind Candy code. Your life is a reflection of what you think. Everything you see is precipitated thought and thoughts become things. Everything stems from your mind. It is truly important to adopt radically different beliefs by conditioning your mind to believe in your goals and programming your subconscious mind to fulfill your heart's desires. After many years of using mind conditioning techniques to create a fulfilled life, Felicia has harnessed her research and life experiences in this book. She reveals the ultimate code to program your subconscious mind. The result is a simple method you can use to program your subconscious mind to achieve your goals and live what you love. . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Denise Fitzgerald Cassino

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


TODAY'S AUTHOR at INDIE BOOK SOURCE Jerry grew up in a Coast Guard family who moved quite a bit, with the result that he attended 8 different public schools. These circumstances provided him with some unusual experiences and insights into the many subcultures that exist in the northern and midwestern states. Experiences in the south began for him when he attended Centre College of Kentucky. During that time he worked as a deckhand on an ocean going dredge boat off the Texas coast for two summers. This work provided him with additional cultural interactions with a large number of Hispanics and people from "Louisiana Bayou country". Upon graduating from Centre, he pursued an M. S. degree in school psychology at Miami University of Ohio. Within days of graduating from Miami U. he was experiencing basic training in the U. S. Army. He went on to complete Advanced Infantry Training and Infantry Officers Candidate School to become commissioned as a second lieutenant. Reluctant Lieutenant: From Basic to OCS in the Sixties is his memoir of that experience. Upon being commissioned, he was assigned to the JFK Special Warfare Center, Ft. Bragg, N. C. The army gave Jerry additional opportunities to work with many individuals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. When he completed his military obligation, he worked for two years as the only school psychologist in seven inner city schools of St. Petersburg, Florida, which were being integrated for the first time. His many experiences with diverse cultures served him well during that stressful time... . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Jerry Morton


IN THE SPOTLIGHT – at INDIE BOOK SOURCE TERROR MOUNTAIN Genre: Historical Fiction A monster in human form is preying on pretty young women in the mountain resort town of Leadville, Colorado. Usually his unspeakable desires go unsatisfied. But one September night in 1979, seventeen-year-old Marcia Leggett is caught in his snare, and is brutally raped and murdered in the woods near picturesque Turquoise Lake. Lake County law enforcement, led by Sheriff Gil Gentry, quickly determines a suspect, but the elusive killer manages to stay one step ahead as he plots his next deadly conquest. Hindering the investigation are the weather, the terrain, and the killer’s strong survival skills. The sheriff and his team work tirelessly, day after day, week after week, but can they catch the monster and bring him to justice before he claims another life? Fred L. Funk weaves a terrifying story of crime and punishment, inspired by an actual case from decades ago. The author incorporates many of the stories told to him by a family member, a retired county sheriff, to bring gritty realism to Terror Mountain. . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Fred Funk


NEW AUTHOR at INDIE BOOK SOURCE Felicia Pizzonia has spent more than a decade cultivating her national and international marketing & personal branding expertise. An entrepreneur herself, Felicia has helped several companies generate millions in revenue through the use of sales and marketing techniques that she has perfected. Felicia has assisted thousands of authors in completing and marketing their books on an international level. Her unique ability to demystify the book industry and walk authors through the process of enhancing their business has endeared her to a wide variety of authors and resulted in many long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Felicia's media expertise is far reaching and multifaceted. Her clients have appeared on BBC, Good Morning America, ABC Canberra and Breakfast Television, as well as featured in the Times of London, New York Times, Toronto Star, Toronto Life, National Post, Japan Times, and Giornale Di Calabria. . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Denise Fitzgerald Cassino

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


EVENT ALERT / NEW RELEASE OCHRE DRAGON The Opal Dreaming Chronicles Genre: Fantasy / Magic / Dystopian On three distant worlds, three women journey towards their destinies. Before they started out, all three made a choice - to forget they share a single soul. In tech-ruled post-Crack Earth, where magic doesn't officially exist, project manager Ali's humdrum life under the crumbling Melba Dome is becoming weirder by the day. Her fingers keep glowing, a snarky dragon takes up residence in her head, and people she thought were her friends keep trying to control, kidnap or assassinate her. To top it off, she can't figure out why her previously perfect memory is suddenly full of holes. Meanwhile, on Heavens Gate, where magic and science have forged an uneasy alliance, research analyst Merindah is desperate to save her dying planet. What she lacks in magical ability, she more than makes up for in ambition, which comes in handy as she navigates family politics and feral deities. But when an impatient and not-so-extinct dragon begins to help her solve the puzzle of the Yarran journal, she realises her magic might not be as weak as she'd thought. AMAZON: . Read more at LINK above. Promotion by Carter Novels: Veronica Strachan