Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NEW AUDIOBOOK -- Sherlock Holmes/ Charlie Milverton

NEW AUDIOBOOK at INDIE BOOK SOURCE ----- CHARLIE MILVERTON Narration by Steve White A Modern Sherlock Holmes Story ".....A modern reworking of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic Sherlock Holmes story, Charles Augustus Milverton. Instead of the Victorian world of debutants and stolen love letters, we have a fallen tabloid editor capitalizing on the nation's thirst for celebrity gossip and threatening to expose a young pop star for a dalliance caught on a security camera. On the advice of her security manager, ex-Scotland Yard detective Gareth Lestrade, Milverton's blackmail victim consults Sherlock Holmes. Irascible, difficult, eccentric but brilliant, Holmes brings the full weight of his intellect to bear on this new case despite the obstinacy of his opponent. And it all provides a very welcome distraction for his ex-flat mate John Watson, whose book about their adventures together had done little to rescue him from his midlife crisis. Or make his wife happy...." ..Read more and connect with Steve here: . . . . Are you an indie author? Join us today. Consider Indie Author Promotions - Nominal Annual Rate

Sunday, August 21, 2016


NEW at INDIE BOOK SOURCE ---- PRESENCE by Author P.S. Winn ------- Genre: Paranormal Suspense "....A gift was passed down from her grandmother, all her life Andrea Moore has been able to see spirits.Now, her grandma has passed on, but Andi still talks to her. When Deputy Vaughn Walker asks Andi to help solve the mystery of four women who have disappeared, Vaughn, Andi and her friend Nate are going to find those from the other side influence this life and some spirits are pure evil. They also find themselves in the middle of the epic battle of good versus evil....." Read more and connect with P.S. here: . . . . Are you an indie author?Join us today Indie Author Promotions - Nominal Annual Rate

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NEW AUTHOR at INDIE BOOK SOURCE -- Rafael Amadeus Hines

NEW at INDIE BOOK SOURCE ----- Meet Author Rafael Amadeus Hines ---- "Rafael Amadeus Hines is a native New Yorker with Panamanian, Jamaican, and Irish roots, who was born and raised on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Dipping into his early Alphabet City memories, he loosely based many of the characters in his military-thriller, Bishop’s War, on the people he grew up with, and adapted many of his own experiences into the book as well....." Continue reading and connect with Rafael at: . . . Check out our affordable promo plan at:

Monday, August 15, 2016


NEW at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- THE DAWNING OF A NEW AGE by Author Rick Bentsen --- A Gamma Strike Novel ---- Genre: Science Fiction/Space Opera ---- "A galaxy at war. Lives in the balance.... The Star League was formed by two races to promote peace in the galaxy and to give sentient races in the quadrant a place where their voice can be heard. When diplomacy fails, however, the Star League will take action to protect lives whenever necessary. The Brentax have been at war with the Star League for over 30 years, but suddenly that war takes a horrific turn when the Brentax destroy an entire populated planet. In a surprise attack the people of Duterius are overwhelmed and outnumbered. As the attack is taking place, a desperate plea for help is heard by the Star League. Enter Gamma Strike. An elite unit formed by the Star League to handle problems where diplomacy has failed and direct attack is not an option. The White Knight, commanded by Captain K'Alan Bryce, heads a mission to bring an end to this long war. Grieved by the loss of his home, he must put aside the pain the war has caused him and try to make a difference in the outcome of the war. Join the crew of Gamma Strike as they try to save the Star League from becoming the next enslaved races of the Brentax Empire...." Read more and connect with Rick at: . . . .Join us today Indie Author Promotions - Nominal Annual Rate

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


NEW AUDIOBOOK at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- A QUESTION OF IDENTITY --- ------Narrated by Steve White --- "...When a young girl goes missing, Watson puts his midlife crisis to one side and helps Holmes try to find her. Dealing with the skeptical police, a bunch of teenagers, and a grumpy stepfather all add to the challenges of the case. Can Holmes find her before it is too late? And before Detective Chief Inspector Gregson makes the mistake of his career? And will Watson achieve that elusive book deal he's dreaming of?..." Read more and connect with Steve at: . . . INDIE BOOK SOURCE -- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ------ Learn more about our promotions here:

Friday, August 5, 2016


----- SALE ALERT at INDIE BOOK SOURCE ---- --KISSED BY FATE -- THAT UNFORGETTABLE KISS ------------ by Author Tamara Ferguson -------------- --------- NOW thru the end of August only $.99 --------- Amazon: "Kate Callahan has always known that, someday, she'd run the family business. But she’s also been warned that, one day, she'll be kissed by fate, and love will happen with that unforgettable kiss. Architectural intern Michael Murphy already has his life mapped out, so how could a long-term relationship between them ever survive? Years later, when Kate learns Michael Murphy's become engaged, she comes up with a plan to try to win him back. But will she be too late?..." Read more & Connect with Tamara at: --- --- THAT UNFORGETTABLE KISS -- Winner TRR Readers' Choice Award & Currently finalist for the Ian book of the year in Women's fiction . . . Join us today Indie Author Promotions - Nominal Annual Rate