Thursday, October 13, 2016

Meet Author Jim Hartsell at INDIE BOOK SOURCE

I’ve been told my writing has an Appalachian flavor; not surprising, since I am a lifelong resident of East Tennessee. My work with teenagers who were challenged with a variety of serious issues has given me some insight into the complexities of character and the struggles, both inner and outer, that we all deal with and that inform much of my writing.....see Jim's work & connect at:


Sherlock fan?...... NEW AUDIOBOOK at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- THE CAMBERWELL TYRANT ​Narration by Steve White " ....'A Case of Identity' saw Holmes unmask some matters involving James Windibank which the Baker Street detective dismissed as trite. By contrast "The Camberwell Tyrant" is the most gothic of the Redacted Sherlock Holmes stories. Louis Westhouse, Windibank's employer, commissions Holmes to investigate Windibank's peculiar behavior in the office. The day after Holmes completes his investigation, Inspector Gregson brings news of three deaths at Windibank's house. Gregson and Holmes investigate but cannot explain the deaths. It is only when the corpses are taken away and the blinds are drawn that Holmes elucidates some truly grotesque events...."...Watch a video book trailer & connect with Steve at: . . . --------- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ---------- To be featured by INDIE BOOK SOURCE...consider our affordable promo package:

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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