Sunday, December 18, 2016


NEW AUTHOR at INDIE BOOK SOURCE -----   MEET AUTHOR WENDY SCOTT ---- "...As a child I had a ferocious imagination and immersed myself in creating stories and poems. One birthday I begged for a chemistry set, sensing the promise of adventure from the glittering vials of copper sulphate and salt. At that time, I didn’t know I was following in the footsteps of my grandfather who had studied science in Edinburgh in 1899. A further trace back into my Scottish ancestry uncovered an ancestor known as ‘the wizard’. So I could also dabble with potions I gained a NZ Certificate in Science (Chemistry) and worked in a variety of laboratories (salt, meat, dairy and wine) in NZ and Australia. The wine tasted the best! During my 5 years in Adelaide, Australia, I completed several writing courses at the WEA. When my partner, son (5 months), dog and I moved back to NZ we lived in a house truck for 3 years while our off-the-grid house was planned and built. During this period I wrote on a solar powered laptop and completed many correspondence courses from the AWA. I write adult fantasy (Wendy Scott) and children’s novels (WJ Scott)......"...Continue reading & connect with Wendy at: . . . .#Childrens #Fantasy #Amazon #indieauthor . For information on INDIE BOOK SOURCE Promotions visit: . --- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ---

Monday, December 12, 2016

NEW at INDIE BOOK SOURCE Bones of Skeleton Creek

NEW Book at INDIE BOOK SOURCE -- BONES OF SKELETON CREEK by Author Eric Wilder -- Genre: Paranormal Horror and Romantic Mystery Thriller "...Oklahoma P.I. Buck McDivit is more than a detective. Much more. Something evil is haunting the rural countryside north of sprawling Oklahoma City. A wealthy rancher thinks it's a black panther killing his cows, and maybe one of his men. He hires paranormal cowboy detective Buck McDivit to check it out. On the trail of the supernatural shape shifter, Buck knocks heads with a gang of cattle rustlers into oil theft, dog fighting and crystal meth distribution. He also meets the gorgeous psychic priestess of a pagan community in Oklahoma. The people of Utopian Lycaia use clean solar and passive energy and practice a form of ancient American Indian religion called the Southern Death Cult. Esme has a giant wolf dog named Princess, a rattlesnake tattoo on her shoulder, and is the last surviving member of the Mississippian Indian tribe. Or is she? As Buck closes on the answer, his senses become blurred as the sub-human entity singles him out for horror and death. Bones of Skeleton Creek is the second book in Eric Wilder's Psychic Cowboy Detective Series..."..Read more & connect with Eric at: . . . . .#Paranormal #Horror #Mystery #Thriller #Romantic #Psychic . For information on INDIE BOOK SOURCE Promotions visit: . --- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ---

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Meet Author Fran Driscoll Roberts

NEW AUTHOR at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- MEET AUTHOR FRAN DRISCOLL ROBERTS --- "...Frances Roberts was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although she loved the people and her Green Bay Packers, she relocated to the Gulf Coast to enjoy six months of summer and NO winter. She currently teaches middle school Compensatory Language Arts in Pascagoula, MS, and truly enjoys a challenge. Her first two books were devotionals, brought about by a curse she prayed upon herself as a young child: "Lord, please don't ever let my life be boring." The first book is "31 Prayers for the Addict I Love" written after the untimely death of two addicted loved ones. The second is "31 Prayers for When Life Isn't Fair". Roberts' first fiction novel, "A Place Called Grace," is a Christian Romance/Murder Mystery. The sequel-- "A Place Without Mercy" will be available in early December, 2016. She has also published several poems and short stories, and loves to read as much as write. She lives in Pascagoula with her husband, two children, three dogs and a cat. She is a former member of Mobile Bay Writing Project, and a current member of the Gulf Coast Writer's Association and Alabama Writer's Guild...." Meet Fran & connect at: . . . For information on INDIE BOOK SOURCE Promotions visit: . --- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ---

Saturday, December 10, 2016


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