Friday, January 8, 2016

Rolling In The New Year With INDIE BOOK SOURCE

Hi ya'll, New in 2016 is our INDIE BOOK SOURCE site and is dedicated to promoting indie authors. A personal look at the authors alongside their work creates an environment where you can better understand where the writer comes from. A major obstacle that each indie author faces is being able to reach the reading public. Advertising is expensive and generally hit or miss. The ads are usually for a day or week and then are over. The cost quickly becomes a black hole. Social media reaches a lot of potential readers but is time consuming. There again, effectiveness fades when you let up on your push for any length of time. There's no easy answer. INDIE BOOK SOURCE seeks to maintain a constant social media presence at an affordable price. Our one year plan prices out at a whopping $2.00 per month. For that price you get a flexible spot on our website that you can liberally update and change out titles, regular posting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. More stats are available at the Carter Novels Store. We hope you enjoy INDIE BOOK SOURCE and Happy New Year! later Chris(RC)