Monday, May 16, 2016


IBS SPOTLIGHT ----- AUDIO BOOK --- ----- LUCKY DUCKS by Romance Author Jan Romes ---- "....Recently divorced, Claire Stone is off to a fresh start. A new city. A job prospect. Wearing her lucky ducks underwear. Things are going great - until a clumsy lout barrels into her, sending her to the concrete. Her world takes a tumble too when the handsome klutz who scuffed her up turns out to be her new boss. Engaged twice. Dumped twice. Kasen Isaak has had his fill of green-eyed women, yet his father insists he hire Claire Stone - a nail-biting claustrophobic with the greenest eyes he's ever seen. Will green eyes, a run of bad luck, and a slew of idiosyncrasies keep them from finding the greatest luck of all?..."....See what else Jan has created by visiting INDIE BOOK SOURCE: SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ------ Learn more about our promotions here: