Friday, September 16, 2016

Meet Author Cheryl Peyton

NEW AUTHOR at INDIE BOOK SOURCE ----- Meet Author Cheryl Peyton ----- ".....Cheryl was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, living in various suburbs with her parents and older brother. As the daughter of a book editor and writer, when she was read to at bedtime it would be from a manuscript, and her mother would ask questions like, “Are these characters believable? Are you interested in the story? Can you picture where the action is taking place?” The experience gave Ms. Peyton an appreciation for the art of crafting a good story, even as she helped her mother with her work. After moving to Tennessee several years ago, Ms. Peyton became interested in nearby Oak Ridge, having read about the town’s connection with the Manhattan Project in high school. Getting to know one of the couriers transporting nuclear weapons, she was inspired to write her first book that was a thriller about the threat of nuclear weapons, should they fall the wrong hands. As a storyteller, Ms. Peyton still ponders those same questions her mother asked her many years ago to help her create exciting tales, told through memorable characters, who move through a fully-imagined world of their own. Ms. Peyton lives in Loudon, Tennessee, with her husband Jim, and their dog, Cody......" Connect & check out Cheryl's work at: . . . . --------- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ---------- To be featured by INDIE BOOK SOURCE consider our affordable promo package: