Sunday, November 6, 2016

Meet Author Michael Eves Shaffer

NEW AUTHOR at INDIE BOOK SOURCE ---- Meet Michael Eves Shaffer ---- "....Michael Eves Shaffer was born in1968 at Detroit, Michigan.  Though out the years he has lived in many places, both in the states and overseas.  He joined the US Army right out of High School.  In the Army he served as a turbine engine mechanic, military police, and Calvary Scout.  This included serving in Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm and Bosnia with the 4/12 Inf as one the first NATO units in after the UN pulled its typical failure.  Out of the service he spent time as a bookkeeper, a corporate investigator, and worked in telecom before returning to one of his earliest loves, computer programming.  While he was getting his degree....." ...continue reading & connect with Michael at: . . . . --------- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ---------- To be featured by INDIE BOOK SOURCE...consider our affordable promo package: #Amazon #Indieauthor