Thursday, April 27, 2017


NEW AUDIOBOOK at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- ANOMALOUS Narration by Steve White --- LINK: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Featuring Jack Johnson and Alphonse Capone ".....America's first African American heavyweight boxing champion, Jack Johnson, has a chance encounter with a mysterious Irishman, named Altamont, when they meet at the boxer's restaurant, Café de Champion, in August 1912. Johnson's new relationship with the unusual man, with beady eyes and hawk-like nose, places him in an unusual circumstance to help Altamont get out of a tough situation. In 1913, Johnson is nailed with a felony conviction in the American court system and flees to Canada, and later travels to England, to meet with fight promoters. But a stolen South African 'blood diamond' and a grudge harbored against the controversial boxer from the past, puts Johnson's life in peril while on British soil, reuniting him with the mysterious Altamont. Will Johnson uncover the true identity of this Irishman, and entrust his life to Altamont's care?....." book trailer connect with the narrator at INDIE BOOK SOURCE: --- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY --- . .#Audible #Audiobook #Amazon #indieauthor #Sherlock . For information on INDIE BOOK SOURCE Promotions visit: