Thursday, May 4, 2017


Featured Book at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- RIVER ROAD by Author Eric Wilder  --- LINK: Genre: Paranormal New Orleans Romantic and Adventurous Mystery Thriller ".....A new client wants paranormal P.I. Wyatt Thomas to find his mother’s killer. The problem is the fifty-year-old murder isn't just cold, it's frozen solid. Events happen fast when Wyatt accepts a large retainer from a new client wishing to keep his identity secret. Shortly after agreeing to find the person who killed the man’s mother, Wyatt’s client is himself murdered. The killers shoot Wyatt as he attempts to intervene. He awakens in a New Orleans’ hospital only to find they have yet to finish with him. The mysterious men want him dead. He escapes and learns they’ve somehow managed to pin his client’s murder on him. But why? Determined to find out, he enlists the aid of Lucy Diamond. Lucy is a beautiful though cynical reporter in town to film a story on the same murder his client paid him to solve. He marks her for death when they discuss the case. Though different in every possible way, they go on the run together....." more & connect with the author at INDIE BOOK SOURCE: --- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY --- . . . For information on INDIE BOOK SOURCE Promotions visit: