Sunday, October 18, 2015

The House on the River

Recently we had the pleasure to do two investigations. The first was in a private home. A couple recently bought a 105 year old home. I have to say this home is amazing. It is near a river, almost every window has stained glass(many of the windows are from old churches ready to be torn down), built in church pews, altars & surrounded by a tall wrought iron fence. As we drove up & saw this home ,I turned to my husband & daughter ,clapped my hands & said "This is going to be FUN!!!!".  The owners had not yet moved in but were waiting there to meet us. The previous owner had told them that the house was haunted by four ghosts. They wanted us to investigate to see if there was anything paranormal happening & if there was to see if it was well or ill intentioned. They made it very clear that any well intentioned entities were welcome to stay but anything that was dark, negative &  ill intentioned had to leave. We started the investigation by doing a base line EMF (electromagnetic field). Everything was very low except near the bar refrigerator. Since none of the activity happened around there we didn't worry about that. We went upstairs to the first room to see if there was activity. As we entered I noticed another room that I felt we needed to investigate. We were told that was where the previous owner "communicated" with the entities. However  we continued into the first room. We spent some time there using EMF detectors & Gauss meters (which can also detect electromagnetic fields). Nothing happened, no blips on our detectors, no odd sounds....nothing. We moved on to the next room. The room that would be the master bedroom. Still not the room that I was itching to investigate but it was the room the previous owner's Mother had lived in. She died in Hospice but this room had been her last home. We all settled in & started asking questions. At first all was quiet, no blips on our meters in answer to our questions. Then my daughter leaned over toward me (I later learned to ask if I had heard sound from the hall) when her gauss meter lit up like a Christmas tree. We asked many questions which the entity answered by lighting up the meter once for yes & twice for no. We discovered it was not the previous owner's Mom & that she was no longer there. Whoever was communicating was very cagey about their identity. We heard tapping in the hall as if someone was tapping on glass. Of course this is a very old house. So a lot of creaks ,groans & cracks are expected to be heard. Finally we decided to investigate the room we had passed by at the beginning. We went into the room , set up flashlights which can be turned on &  off by turning them & turned them to just the point where a slight turn will turn them on. We could then communicate with the entity by having them turn the flashlight on & off. If you watch our four minute video from the St. Augustine lighthouse you will see what I mean. Also they seem to be able to dim the lights & brighten them which we can't seem to achieve. We asked a few questions......nothing. I decided to go downstairs & get our laser grid pen. When I came back upstairs everyone was excited because the flashlight had turned on. I set the grid up & then the fun began. The entity turned the light on & off on command for an hour. Just before the light would turn on the grid lights would be broken. At one point we heard a very loud crack from the hall. Also we had a lot of EMF activity. We had recorders set up but we had no EVPs(electronic voice phenomenon....a recording of a voice that can not be heard by the human ear). We finally shut down & were very happy to say there did not seem to be any negative or evil activity. They are happy to share their beautiful home as long as their wishes are respected. We have been invited to return & investigate again, which we are eager to do. We will give you an update . Our next blog will be about The Dark of the Moon tour at St. Augustine that was FUN too.