Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dark of the Moon

Hi all,
Recently we spent a week on Flagler Beach. We (RC & I, our son & one of our daughters & their families) rented a beautiful, brand new home. Our son, daughter & son in law surfed everyday. RC, my daughter in law, grandchildren & I played in the waves & rescued starfish washed ashore by an off shore storm. We also took lots of long walks, built sandcastles  & spent time stargazing.
 Flagler Beach is close to St, Augustine Florida, one of our favorite places to visit. It is also one of  our favorite places to ghost hunt. St. Augustine is very old & has lost many of it's citizens to a Yellow Fever epidemic & the many battles to storm the city. Castillo de San Marcos Fort is an undefeated fort, it was never lost in battle but many tried to overrun the fort & city. It is also the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. So on this visit we decided to visit the fort at least one day. We found it so interesting we came back the next day after visiting St. Augustine Lighthouse in the morning. We asked the Park Ranger on duty if there were any spots in the fort that were reportedly haunted. He told us many people reported seeing , hearing & "feeling" things. He told us stories about the Indians kept in the fort & about the many battles fought there. Before we left his company we asked where the "hot spots" were & if we could do some investigating. After being told "Go for it" we went on our merry way. We set up in one of the many reportedly haunted places & immediately started getting EMF hits. Two women came in & asked what we were doing, after we told them they immediately told us there house was haunted by a child & asked if we could investigate their home. Unfortunately we had no time on this trip. We packed it up & went home for more surfing & swimming. As I said we had spent the morning at the lighthouse. If you ever get a chance to visit St. Augustine & you like history both the fort & the lighthouse are a must on your itinerary. The fort has a self guided tour & at the lighthouse you can either do a self guided tour or a guided tour during the day. However if you like the paranormal you HAVE to go on the Dark of the Moon Tour. You can find the times, price etc. on their website: . The tour is both informative & entertaining. The only way to see the lighthouse & grounds at night is on the tour. Even if you are not a believer in things that go bump in the night the lighthouse & the view from the top are beautiful. We have done this tour more than once. RC, our daughter, our daughter in law, our grandson (14) & I did the tour this time. We did the guided tour & our daughter immediately started getting hits on the EMF in the lighthouse. She & our grandson were asking questions & getting "yes" "no" answers on the EMF detector (Lit up means yes, not lit up means no). We however had not much luck. We set up a laser grid & recorder in the lighthouse office (the recorder is for EVP-electronic  voice phenomena; voices not heard with the human ear but caught on the recorder).  Then the tour went on to the keeper's house. As I said we had done this tour before. We have always had the most activity in the basement of the keeper's house.  At the end of the tour you have an hour to explore by yourselves. We asked lots of questions using the EMF detectors & then decided since "Pete" (a lighthouse keeper when alive & apparently while dead also) was being so responsive to do a flash light session. You can watch a four minute video taken at the beginning of the session which lasted for the better part of an hour here:  Most of the people on the tour stayed & watched.  You can hear their reactions on the video. They had lots of questions which we gladly answered. One woman asked to see the flashlight when we ended the session. I told her "Of course!" When she finished she exclaimed "Oh my gosh! This is just a normal flash light! And there is NO WAY to make the light dim & brighten like it did! I'm a believer now!" One of the interesting things that happened was RC asked "Pete" to move the flashlight......which he did. Well more stories later.....Joan (JP)