Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Seamy Side of London

Hi ya'll,
It's our pleasure to introduce you to British crime novelist Steven Latto. Here's Steven's bio so you can get acquainted:

Steven H Latto sold his first novel The Ferrier Boys while working as a Security Officer in Ascot, Berkshire. A few people, once they found out he had self-published a book, asked him to sign their copies while he was at work or hanging around with friends. Steven didn't expect much more to come of this. As it turned out, the quick flash in the pan that Steven expected it to be, with his urban crime thriller The Ferrier Boys making it to bestseller lists for the first seven months of its release.   

  To date, Steven H Latto’s book The Ferrier Boys is still on a bestseller list for urban fiction on Amazon Kindle, making the odd appearance in the top 100 on the list for crime thriller. Steven's novels will center primarily on the urban setting of London, a city he loves so much, and crime, part of his profession as a Security Officer in one of London’s most prestigious iconic  5  star hotels.

Though Steven H Latto now lives in Horsham, West Sussex, he was born in Munster, Germany and grew up in a military environment.  After finishing school, he began his career in the Royal Air Force where he studied electronic engineering. It wasn’t until nine years later in search of new horizons, that he began to pen his first novel while staying in a hotel on the M3 motorway for three weeks. When not writing from his Horsham home, or on the train to and from work, Steven tirelessly researches for all his other books and ideas that float around inside his head all day, distracting him from everything else he should be concentrating on. His latest distraction has been his next three books:   The Cuban Hustle, Bent and Diamond Geezers (not necessarily in that order).

(A special note to U.S. Readers: A big shoutout to readers in the USA. I want to gift 10 copies of my UK Amazon kindle bestseller, The Ferrier Boys. A review would be much appreciated in return... but not necessary, preferably readers with an interest in British gangsters, urban fiction, crime and thrillers. If interested please private message me your email address so I can send you a copy. Click here:  Steven H Latto  )

Thanks Steven! We're looking forward to more of your stories from the "non-tourist" area of England. Drop by and check out Ferrier Boys on our BROWSE for BOOKS page.
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