Monday, July 27, 2015

BROWSE for BOOKS Author promos.

Hello again!
Welcome to our new blog format. It's in the Beta testing stage so there will be some duplication until we make the switch to this blog  format all the way. So please be patient with us as we transition.

For those who aren't familiar with Carter Novels, we do what we can to support other authors. One of our programs is our BROWSE for BOOKS page on our website ( We feature a new author every two weeks and promote them and their works on several social media outlets during that time.

The page is set up with Amazon carousels featuring links to their books at the beginning for easy browsing. Immediately below the carousels, the featured author has the top post. After the promo the posts stay on the page indefinitely dropping down on the page as new authors are introduced. Occasionally we shuffle the order so earlier posts don't get totally overlooked.

These are just a few posts currently on BROWSE for BOOKS. Drop by and visit the growing collection. If you're an author and are interested in this free promo, please drop us a line.

                   BROWSE for BOOKS:

That's all for now. Hope to see you later.....Chris (RC)