Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Meet Author Ken Grace - Humor From Down Under

Hi all!

It's our pleasure to introduce the BROWSE for BOOKS Featured Author - Ken Grace. Hailing from Bendigo, Australia, this comedic bio crafted by Ken tips you off to his dynamic personality in just a few short paragraphs. Enjoy!

"As an author and the creator of the novel ‘Blood Prize’, Ken Grace can only be described as a God-like figure, born with the physical attributes gifted to such a deity. His amazing characteristics could be accredited thusly:

He is sensationally short, brilliantly bald … lucky in that his hair has migrated from his head to other areas of his person such as his back and sizable buttocks. He is also fabulously flabby, ridiculously rude, verbally incontinent and weird in that he stares at you in a creepy and superior way for no earthly apparent reason.

There is also his disdain for cleanliness, his ability to produce wind in the most inappropriate of circumstances and his knack of seeing the negative in every situation to take into account.

Also, his vision is impaired, his hearing is almost non-existent, the air around him smells like sewerage and he can’t taste anything unless it’s been left in the sun for several weeks. Yet, it’s his sense of touch that is possibly the most interesting, in that he has to hug everything he comes in contact with, from lamp posts to people, with the experience of his touch feeling something like sharp, greasy, ice.

Exaggeration is his most highly evolved gift; allowing him to choose a mundane experience, like taking a short uneventful walk beside a scummy pond and transforming it into something akin to the Old Man and the Sea.

All in all, he has often been described as the perfect form with an intellect that is so special that it has so far never been detected."

Thanks Ken...I! Seriously, I encourage you all to drop by and visit BROWSE for BOOKS   and check out Ken's work BLOOD PRIZE. (It's a little more serious than he is...). Thanks for dropping by and .... blog later...Chris (RC).