Sunday, August 2, 2015

Say Aloha to Author Roy Huff

Let's give a warm welcome to author Roy Huff. Roy makes Honolulu, Hawaii his home.

"Roy Huff is a research scientist, author, and teacher who overcame the
hardship of a family plagued by severe poverty and mental illness. After graduating high school as Valedictorian a year early, he moved to Hawaii at the age of seventeen with only $100 in his pocket to start a new life.

He has since earned five degrees in four different disciplines spanning
liberal arts, history, education, and geoscience. He has worked on
projects such as forecasting volcanic emissions from the Kilauea Volcano
and training on geostationary satellites for NASA's GOES-R Proving Ground.
He has co-authored upcoming peer-reviewed research in the Bulletin of the
American Meteorological Society (BAMS), but his foray into creative
writing did not occur until the age of thirty-four when he began writing a
creative paper for an English class while working concurrently on his
fourth and fifth degrees. That paper later became the first chapter of his
first book, which grew to be an Amazon number-one international
epic-fantasy bestseller. Subsequent books in the Everville series have
also gone on to become bestsellers and continue to win awards for both
cover art design and content.

It was the success of his Everville series that garnered the attention and
management of the "Literary Lion", Peter Miller, who has represented such
greats as National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Ann Pearlman,
the niece of renowned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Alveda King, and
collaborated with iconic film stars such as two-time Oscar winner Tom

Roy Huff remains an optimist. He enjoyed weathering the eye of Hurricane
Hugo at the age of twelve, skydiving, and marathon running but still
dreams of climbing Mt. Everest, circumnavigating the globe, traveling into
space, and discovering the secrets of the universe. His interests are
eclectic and range from the arts, extreme sports, economics, hard science,
movies, traveling, and the outdoors. Roy Huff remains committed to
promoting education, applied science, individuality, and creativity. He
grew up on the East Coast, but has lived in Hawaii for more than half his
life where he currently resides and creates new worlds with the stroke of
his pen."

Roy was recently the Featured Author on our BROWSE for BOOKS page. You can still find his book EVERVILLE: The Fall of Brackenbone there along with his Amazon link. 

Drop by and check it out. That's all for now...Blog later...Chris (RC)