Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Strong Female Characters

The O'Rourke Series employs the use of strong female lead characters. Siobhan and Rachel are persistent and consistent with detective skills, marksmanship and bravery. They face everything head on and they don't stop until justice is served.
Here's what Readers' Favorite Reviewer Jack Magnus has to say in our Clone Drones review:

"Siobhan is the consummate example of grace under fire as she calmly and logically assesses her condition and works to free herself. Clone Drones also exposes the inherent risks of drone technology as an effective assassination tool. There's a lot going on in this story so readers must follow carefully lest they miss something. Clone Drones has a bit of something for anyone who enjoys high-octane thrillers with non-stop action and surprises, and it delivers. Clone Drones is recommended."

Check out Clone Drones  - The O'Rourke Series Book 3. See the team in action as they solve murders, assassination plots and kidnapping. It's all in a days' work.....see you later...Chris (RC).