Thursday, August 27, 2015

Steve LeBel - Michigander Extraordinaire

Hi ya'll,It's our pleasure to introduce you to Author Steve LeBel. The awards that Steve's book have won speak for themselves. Take a moment to get acquainted:

Businessmen are serious people, right?  Not always. Steve LeBel — hospital president, technology entrepreneur, algorithmic stock trader — is definitely not serious.
Not when he writes.
Whimsy overcomes him at the word processor. And whimsy is at the core of his novel, The Universe Builders, which he tells with a unique balance of seriousness, humor, and imagination.
LeBel lives in Muskegon, Michigan with his wife Marge, and Mindy and Dexter, their cats.  When not writing, he is planning his next trip, cussing out the stock market, doing tech support for friends, or dreaming up new plots for The Universe Builders.

Book Site: 

So next stop (seriously) is to drop by our BROWSE for BOOKS page and check out The Universe Builders. . You won't be sorry you did! 
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