Sunday, September 27, 2015

Christian Fiction From the Pen of Jim Yackel

Hi Ya'll,
We're ending our two week vacation in just a few days. Here's the bio for Jim Yackel, our current featured author.

Jim Yackel is an author and Christian-rock singer/songwriter/recording artist. "Remembering Will" released in May 2015 is his latest novel.  "Eyes Pried Open" released in October 2014 is the sequel to the End Times suspense/thriller "The Sleepwalkers" released earlier that year. The revised, omnibus Christian/End Times Fiction "The Wayfarers Complete Collection" encompasses the three original books of the Wayfarers Trilogy and was released in October of 2013. The intriguing Christian/End-Times fiction book "Dead-Ringer" rounds out his current bibliography and came in April of 2013.

You can check out Jim's featured book REMEMBERING WILL on our BROWSE for BOOKS page at: .

We are almost totally refreshed after time at the beach house and will be back in the swing of things shortly. Until ya later....Chris (RC)