Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Write About Drones? An Interview With RC & JP Carter

    Check out our most recent interview on author Fredrick Lee Brooke's website.
Why Write About Drones? With Authors RC & JP Carter: http://frederickleebrooke.com/wp/2015/09/why-writer-about-drones-with-authors-rc-jp-carter/ 

 The growing public obsession with drones is a worldwide phenomena. The now peaceful and legal use by law abiding citizens in the largely unregulated arena of drones, is currently untapped by the criminal element. The novel CLONE DRONES explores not only the use of drones, but the potential use of  3D printing to reproduce existing weaponized drone technology.

CLONE DRONES explores that possibility. Jack Magnus said in his Readers' Favorite Review:
     "Clone Drones... is a fast-paced and enjoyable thriller that blends politics, high tech and organized crime. ....Clone Drones also exposes the inherent risks of drone technology as an effective assassination tool."
https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/clone-drones )

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