Thursday, February 23, 2017

Featured Book at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- The Fallen Warrior

  Featured Book at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- The Fallen Warrior by Author Orlando Sanchez --- Link: Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy "....In a nearly fatal ritual, the shadow of Lucius has seared Dante, stripping him of Maelstrom and cutting him off from his chi. Dante, now a fallen warrior must find a way to undo the searing using only his skill and training to face those who want him dead. There are rumors of another weapon. A weapon powerful enough to stand against Maelstrom and Lucius. To find this weapon, Sylk will have to follow the trail of the Mikai back to the Warriors of the Way. Someone is forcing them to kidnap and eliminate the Rah Ven. Someone powerful enough to strike fear in the hearts of the Mikai and control the Black Lotus, who have designated Meja rogue and a traitor, a crime punishable by death. Can Dante undo the searing in time to face Lucius and Maelstrom? Will Sylk find the path to the weapon, discovering who controls the Mikai and the Black Lotus? Will Meja prove her innocence, or fail and be killed?..." more & connect with the author at INDIE BOOK SOURCE: . . .#SciFi #Fantasy #indieauthor . For information on INDIE BOOK SOURCE Promotions visit: . --- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ---