Sunday, February 5, 2017


NEW BOOK at INDIE BOOK SOURCE --- FANTASY FIRSTS by Author Wendy Scott. Genre:Fantasy  (Contains mature themes) Featuring Book 1 of three different fantasy series ---Ferrasium, Book 1, The Windflowers Trilogy. "...Murder, mystery, and magic in a land reminiscent of Ancient Egypt.For centuries, guided by the Destiny's Oracle, the Bera-Bera tribes have guarded the secret of the windflowers....." ---Lodestone, Book 1, The Witch-Hunt Series. "...There’s a cauldron of trouble brewing in Valloaria … Sabrina and Lauren’s tales entwine – linked by blood and magic. Sabrina, a newly fledged healer, is thrust out of her sheltered life at Mistress Florisah’s healing school after the destruction of the witch-ancestor portraits. An anti-witchcraft militia is...." ---Tiger House, The First Chronicle of Jairus Tanner. "Ferocious – Let the Emperor Games begin! The Fates have chosen you to act on behalf of our noble Houses. Challenges will be set. To ensure your utter cooperation and commitment, the fate of your loved ones rests on your actions. It is in your interest to survive. Defy us by refusing to play and we will decimate your homelands...." more & connect with the author at INDIE BOOK SOURCE: . . .#Fantasy #Series #Amazon . For information on INDIE BOOK SOURCE Promotions visit: . --- SUPPORTING INDIE AUTHORS TODAY ---